Print Methods

Screen Printed Screen Printed: High detail and very vibrant colors, but limited color options. Artwork will appear very opaque on any color of shirt. This method is used for our well established designs.

Direct to Garment Direct to Garment: High detail and unlimited color options. Artwork will appear less opaque when printed on dark and heathered colored shirts. This method is used for custom shirt printing and "Printed on-demand" items.

Printing and Fabric Science

Our apparel is printed using either one of two methods: Screen Printing or DTG Printing. Screen printing uses screens to push ink into the garment whereas DTG printing uses a printer to apply ink directly into the garment. Both methods produce high quality prints, however, there are pros and cons with each method.

  • Screen printing allows us to mass produce our popular designs quickly and efficiently. With screen printing we are also allowed to put down a white base layer which really brings the colors out of the inks we're using; however, screen printing is limited to the amount of colors that may be used and is not efficient for smaller runs.
  • DTG (direct to garment) printing is the newest way to print on fabric. It produces very high detail and intricate designs in virtually an unlimited amount of colors. DTG printing is great for smaller batch runs and individual custom orders; however, we are not able put down a white base layer.

So how does this affect me, you might ask? To be honest, not much! This is just mostly gee-wiz information, however, if you put one of our screen printed shirts next to one of our DTG shirts, you may notice a slight difference in color between the two. 

This is all great and dandy, but how will I know when one of your shirts is printed using screen printing or DTG printing before I get the dang shirt, you may also be asking? (or not, if not just skip this section) All individual custom orders are printed using the DTG method. In addition, anything labeled in our store as "printed on-demand" is also printed using the DTG method. You may also notice that some of our items allow you to choose the shirt color. When you see this, the shirt will be printed using DTG because we are able to print the shirt on-demand.

This brings us to shirt color and fabric blend. Did you know that different blends of fabric give different results when a shirt is printed? I bet you didn't and I bet you don't care, but I'm gonna explain it anyways! Solid fabric blends, ie. 100% cotton, give an opaque effect when printed. This is because the fabric is more tightly woven. Heather colors, which are usually poly blends (such as 50% cotton/50% polyester) are not as tightly woven. These types of fabrics give a more faded or vintage look when printed using DTG. This is a really cool effect, but may not always be ideal for your custom order request. With this all being said, we have printed our Taxiway Sign designs using DTG on heather colors and resulted in very little noticeable difference to the naked eye. If anything, you may notice slightly less crisp edges, letters, and numbers with DTG on these types of fabrics compared to solid fabrics or screen printed items. But to see this you will need to get close, really close.

Washing and care

We recommend washing our shirts inside-out with like-colors in cold water. Tumble dry with Low heat. Do Not Iron.

Our shirts are a polyester/cotton blend and are pre-shrunk, however, expect a little shrinkage after the first wash.

Returns and Exchanges

We believe in high quality products that will last. All of our products are thoroughly inspected before being shipped, but we understand the nature of doing online business and know mishaps happen between the time we ship up until your package arrives at your door step. Below is our return and exchange policy for our products.


Ordering clothing online can be tricky, therefore we do accept returns and exchanges for our apparel as follows.

  • Within 14 days from the time the garment(s) are delivered we will accept returns or exchanges. Returns may incur a 10% restocking fee that will be deducted from the refund. Return shipping is paid by the customer and we will not refund the original shipping cost.  In addition, exchanges will incur an additional shipping charge to reship the item paid by the customer. 
  • After 14 up to 30 days from the time the garment(s) are delivered, exchanges only for size. Return shipping is paid by the customer. In addition, exchanges will incur an additional shipping charge to reship the item paid by the customer. 

Customized items are unique to you and cannot be restocked, therefore customized item sales are final and are not eligible for return.

All other items:

  • 30 days from the date of purchase.

All items must be returned in genuine new, unused, and unwashed condition. We reserve the right to refuse any return or exchange if the above criteria is not met. will not reship any exchanged item until the original item is received and new postage has been paid by the customer for reshipment.



We offer all major shipping providers and services throughout the United States and it's territories.

Free shipping is only available within the USA and it's territories.

Transit times vary with service selected, but is typically 2-7 business days within the contiguous 48 states.


We ship to most countries around the world. There are several countries we will not ship to for security reasons.

We offer USPS, FedEx, and UPS to most countries.

Transit times vary with service selected and will also depend on your county's customs processing.

Please note, per U.S. and international regulations, we will declare your items as merchandise. We cannot declare items as a gift as this would be a fraudulent declaration with severe penalties to us. Even if you order a gift forsomeone else, we must still declare an item as merchandise since we are a retail business. Customers are responsible for any VAT or duty levied by their country.

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