Aviation Apparel for Pilots & Avgeeks

Designed by pilots for pilots and all lovers of aviation. The next time you bust through the clouds, fly in high quality and comfortable apparel from AV8RShirts.com! Designed and printed in the USA.

Our shirts are great for:

  • Around the house - whenever your grounded, at least your spirit is souring.
  • A night out on the town - for whenever you or your drinking buddies may have had a little too much Jet-A, at least you will always be an aerodrome beacon to find the way. 
  • At the airport - duh!
  • First dates - to show the one your going out with you love aviation probably more than you will ever love them.
  • General Aviation Pilots - Culturally enlightening us about the various Native American tribes: Aztec's, Apache's, Comanche's, etc...
  • Professional Pilots - you may fly a big fancy airplane, but your neighbor with their home based Etsy shop probably still racks in more than you do. 
  • Avgeeks - Snapping AWESOME pictures and uploading them to airlines.net
  • Naval Aviators - too good to use the title pilot.
  • Gift for a pilot - you may not understand what any of this crap means, but the pilot or avgeek receiving a gift from you will sure say heck yeah!

Welcome to AV8R Shirts!
Founded by two airline pilots with the original goal of creating entertaining stickers that really expressed what it meant to be a pilot in the modern day of aviation, we have evolved into creating products for all lovers of aviation and travel. AV8R Shirts, a.k.a. Pilot Expressions, is the original creator of one of the most prominent and sought after designs in the aviation community: The AV8R Taxiway Sign. What started as a sticker we now offer on many more products such as insulated stainless steel tumblers, t-shirts, luggage tags, and more. The AV8R Taxiway Sign will strike a chord with any aviator and is the perfect pilot gift.  In addition to the Original AV8R Taxiway Sign, we create other taxiway themed products such as aircraft types and airport identifiers. Looking for something completely different? Checkout our other cool shirts and apparel!

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